There are 2 places I like to go when I have completed a collection and have a close deadline for the next season.

I need to clear the mind so I like to choose a place that is warm and colorful. My two favorite places that inspire my designs are South Beach, Florida and North Shore, Oahu.

I love South Beach for its beautiful aqua oceans and sassy colorful nightlife. I love chilling’ on the lounge chairs buy imitrex online that come with a cabana boy.  Always a good time…. always a shitload of inspiration.

However, after this last transition from finishing the Fall 17’ collection and beginning the Spring 18’collection we choose the North Shore. It was an excellent choice!

The waves were 20 feet and an ocean mist filled the air.  I've never seen Pipeline so beautiful. By day 3 my sketch pad was full of inspiration and ideas for a new fashion year!


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