Then. Now. Always.

Our great grandma Helen helped pioneer sewing factories in California in the 1930’s. She started as an assembly line sewer, worked her way to floor supervisor, then was promoted to technical designer.

Her daughter, our beloved grandma, shared the love of working with textiles and design and spent her life sewing and designing for all the family, neighbors, local dance troops and playhouses.  Betty Stussy was the master of making “something from nothing.” She could design, make the pattern, sew the garmet and present the item with great passion.

Enter third generation, the creative director and lead designer of Lucy Love, Holly Stussy Sharp who began her career at 21 in Orange County with bridal gowns.  She enlisted the help of both her grandma and mom working closely with the women on patterns, cutting, fits, and details on her first collections.  Holly and her husband cheap imitrex online Michael learned the family trade and have learned every aspect of the business from design, marketing and manufacturing from the ground up.

Lucy Love was created in 2000 when their oldest daughter, Amber, showed interest in the industry and the California lifestyle that inspires the brand.  This past summer Amber was joined by her younger sister Duran who recently graduated college.  The sisters share a passion for the family trade and run the business daily with the help of their parents, Michael and Holly.  Grandma Betty still stops by from time to time to check up on us, tell stories, or offer a great design detail she worked up on her sewing machine.

We are proud to be part of a long heritage of hard-working women creating and manufacturing on the California Coast.

Then. Now. Always.

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